Ron does exceptionally beautiful work! I brought in three tarnished brass lamps that I purchased 14 years ago that needed to be resurfaced. I was so pleased with Ron’s work and I’m so happy that I got these lamps refurbished. It saved me money on purchasing three lamps that were already working. After Ron resurfaced them, they look even better than when I newly purchased them! Please think twice before you spend money on new lamps. If you have a lamp(s) that are worth saving, bring them in to Ron. You won’t be disappointed! His work is really worth it! They look even better than new!

Thanks again, Ron! I just love my (new) lamps 🙂

Carla Dal Santo

I was thrilled when I found a vintage Rookwood lamp. The only problem…, the top of the lamp was completely missing. There were no light clusters, pulls, or shade fixtures. I brought my treasure to Ron the A-1 Light Doctor. He listened to what I wanted and was able to restore the Rookwood lamp as it should have been. He used old original parts and was able to patinate the parts to exactly match the rest of the metal on the lamp. I could not be more satisfied!

Thanks Ron!”

Jeff Young Green BayWisconsin